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Barbara is the first Queensland graduate of The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Since her graduation in 1986, she has worked all over Australia and internationally.

Through her work in theatre, Barbara has been the official photographer for Camarata of Queensland, Homunculus Theatre Company, Belloo Creative, Topology, The Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts, Shake and Stir Theatre Company, Brisbane Powerhouse and The Actors Benevolent Fund. She focuses on documenting the artistic progression of productions, from the Rehearsal room to the performance space. She has performed with the Queensland Theatre Company, the Melbourne Theatre Company, The Hole in the Wall Theatre Company, The State Theatre Company of South Australia, the Griffin Theatre Company, St John’s Cathedral, Restaged Histories Project, La Boite, The Empire Theatre, The Queensland Arts Council, Dead Puppet Society, Shake and Stir Theatre Company, Belloo Creative, and The Performers Independent Theatre Company. She has been affiliated with the Sydney Theatre Company.

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