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"Hauntingly beautiful...sublime.... captivating and otherworldly."  

Childers Multicultural Festival, QLD

BLAX provides an unprecedented walkabout act that turns heads everywhere it goes. They cast bizarre and unusual postures emphasised by the long spindly insect-like legs; they creep and crawl around your event and fill your guest's imaginations with wonder. These live works of art stalk and advance on their long insect-like legs to mesmerise your audience. Where are they from? Why are they here? Beautiful and intriguing, they communicate with a haunting language of poor postures, spindly shapes and piercing gazes. They are searching, enquiring - seeking the familiar in an unfamiliar landscape.


Like creatures from another world, beings from an alternative dimension or living works of art, this unique act features completely blacked-out roaming characters that are hauntingly beautiful, elegant and mesmerising. The fascinating roaming characters make suitable interactive entertainment for various events and occasions. They have performed their unique act in the streets, shops, nightclubs, shopping centres, VIP events, and opening nights. BLAX performed a 5-minute set for a seated audience at an Audi launch in Seoul, Korea, and has also been involved in a stage show as a scary shadow character.


BLAX makes a show-stopping addition to corporate events and product launches. The brilliant versatility of these professional stilt walkers and their impact on the audience is beyond incredible.



COVID-19 plan approved with performers providing a 2.5m distance between them and attendees 

Enigmatic and wonderful stilt walkers provide a fascinating and unforgettable unique act.

A phenomenal walkabout act that will amaze any audience with its interactive entertainment

Incredible roaming characters unlike any stilt walkers you've ever seen

Unique act for corporate events, product launches or even family-friendly events

Based in Brisbane and available internationally.






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