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Frans Vogels is a renowned multi-discipline theatremaker and performer from Holland. His background is in Mime and Pantomime, and he has studied with many masters, including  Marcel Marceau and Halina Witek. Frans also studied theatre design at the Academia of Art in Holland. Frans' has struggled with dyslexia all his life. When Fran saw his first mime, he was astounded; although the performer said nothing, he said 'everything'. Mime gave Frans a new language.


After 19 years of founding and directing a multi-theatre company and being instrumental in establishing the concept of corporate theatre in Holland, Frans decided it was time for a new challenge, so he moved to Australia to start More Than Mime. The power of theatre as a marketing tool is not yet well recognised in Australia, but this is set to change as More Than Mime starts to create exclusive acts for the Australian marketplace.

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