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"Clever, funny, interactive and engaging entertainment for all ages – kids and adults loved them. A delight to work with – approachable, flexible and very professional. We have no hesitation in recommending them to any venue, council or event organiser."

The Brisbane EKKA, QLD

Goofy mischief-makers, energetic, colourful and out for a good time. Jack & Jack are always the innocent bystanders (not!). Playing pranks and looking for playmates,  Jack & Jack is fun-filled and dynamic. Our bright and colourful jesters provide family-friendly interactive entertainment that will amuse audiences of all types. Towering over the crowd at more than 2.5m, these stilt walkers walk, dance and bring joy to every event attendee. These roaming characters engage in playful games and wander through your event areas, causing random and hilarious fun moments.


Our fantastic jesters are energetic and colourful and guarantee your guests will have a good time. Jack & Jack has proven a hit with children's audiences and encourages young people to duck and weave between their long legs. Jokes and pranks are part of the walkabout act! Jack' n Jack is always playing tricks and games, ensuring everybody laughs and has a quality experience.


COVID-19 plan approved with performers providing a 2.5m distance between them and attendees 

Amusing stilt walkers provide lively and mischievous interactive entertainment.

These jesters are a walkabout act that will engage with all audience types

Family-friendly entertainment from professional roaming characters

Superb indoor or outdoor entertainment for special occasions or corporate events

Based in Brisbane and available internationally


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