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Nick is an internationally recognised Brisbane-based professional actor, physical theatre and circus performer and trainer with a tireless creative drive and a highly disciplined work and training ethic. He has extensive training in Suzuki Method, Improvisation, Mask, Movement, Clown and Acrobatics. His theatrical focus is developing character-driven physical performance with special interests in youth theatre and improvised interactive street theatre.

A highly skilled acrobat, stilt-walker, aerial harness performer and object manipulator, he has trained with some of the world’s best master trainers. Moreover, for some time now has been one of the performances and acrobatic master trainers for the National Circus Festival.


Nick has performed for: Wilde Applause Creative Productions, Izit! Entertainment, Gale & Valance, Aerial Angels, Artslink QLD, Strut n Fret Production House, Zest Factor, Uhan Shii Theatre Co. (Taiwan, Sault Poets, A-List, Ga4 or 5, Manoeuvre, More Than Mime, Polytoxic, Hubbub Music, Oz Frank Theatre, 2006 Commonwealth Games celebrations, Kaoshiung International Street Theatre Festival, World Games Celebrations — Taiwan, 2007, Loius Vuitton and Mont Blanc VIP events (Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guam, Singapore), Brisbane Festival — 2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012, 2010, Danshui International Arts & Environment Festival, 2011 Taiwan Lantern Festival, 2012 Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Yeosu World Expo 2012, International Fireworks Festival — Miaoli, Taiwan 2012, International Artists Festival — Taoyuan, Taiwan 2012, Woodford Folk Festival — 2002-9, 2012.

Co-creator of the performance companies Sault Poets, A-List and Ga4 or 5. Nick also performs regularly with Manoeuvre, More Than Mime, Polytoxic and Hubbub Music. He has also worked extensively as a core performer with the Oz Frank Theatre ensemble, where ensemble performers are trained extensively in the physical theatre system devised by Japan’s foremost theatre director, Tadashi Suzuki. 

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