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"The Knock' Em Downs is an odd-ball pop-up show by local clowning royalty Clint Bolster and Annie Lee. Transforming a circus tent into an old sideshow, this experience was stocked with classic carnival games prepped and primed for audience participation."

Brisbane Festival





An enchanting installation to captivate the imagination of the young and the young at heart. 


​Introducing The Bubble Lab & The Bubble Canteen, the ultimate entertainment experience that will captivate your audience with its highly visual, interactive, and comical mask theatre bubble installation. Step into a world of wonder where 10,000 bubbles a minute come alive, dancing and floating in harmony. Our visually spectacular installation combines the delicate beauty of bubbles with the robustness and nimbleness of our talented performers - laughter and excitement are guaranteed to fill the air!


Whether planning a festival, event, or any special occasion, The Bubble Lab & The Bubble Canteen is the perfect choice to create lasting memories. Watch children's faces light up with joy and adults rediscover the childlike wonder!

Brisbane Festival 2022


"A smash hit, brilliant and hilarious."

Brisbane Festival 


"HIGH TEA with BOOFF was next level! A festival programmer's dream... brilliant!..a week like no other!"

Mackay Festivals




Audience Member



"This oddball encounter is guaranteed to make you laugh!"

Theatre Haus



"Lee and Bolster were painfully ambivalent, even indifferent, to anyone and everyone's presence. And best of all, when the audience's participation didn't cut the mustard, they did not attempt to hide their disappointment. If your ball-throwing skills were aimless, you knew it. You knew it if you took too long to hand over your ticket. If your hoop throws onto the pointy clown noses were lacklustre, you knew it. And not just because of the clown's body language – with impatient eyes and slouched shoulders – but also because of the 'loser' sound queue they'd hit each time someone's efforts deserved public condemnation. I'm sure you're reading this thinking, 'that sounds bloody awful, but rest assured, everyone left the tent smiling. I couldn't tell you how, but under the clown's eye rolls and sighs, there was something so lovable. Even the little baby in front of me who sat atop the clown's table was smiling furiously, which only made the clown's eye rolls bigger and their sighs louder."

Nothing Ever Happens In Brisbane


The Knock' Em Downs is a comically interactive and visually engaging trip back in time to the side shows of old. Step inside the colorful carnival tent and experience a crazy world of fun and games, where nostalgia has taken a curious twist and the carnies have turned into clowns! 


Meet Bernie & Roach, two fools who are out to fool you. With Bernie & Roach, you can expect more than just a tasty bite… 

Featuring a variety of sideshow games sure to test your skill, with big prizes to be won, this oddball encounter will have you wishing you'd brought along your granny.



Brisbane Festival - 2023




100% Visual content

No Dialogue

Wheel Chair Access
Loud Sound Affects
Thousands of Bubbles

The Knock Em Downs.jpg



Creator: Clint Bolster

Creative Consultants: Frans Vogels & Chae Lindeman

Producer: The Mask Family
Performers: Clint Bolster, Frans Vogels, Chae Lindeman, Allie Wilde & Nick Cilento

Production Designer & Builder: Josh McIntosh

Photographers: Justin Ma & Barbara Lowing

Costume Designer: Josh McIntosh

Costume Maker: Jo

Electrician: Sparky Marc
Commissioned by: Brisbane Festival
World Premier Season: Brisbane Festival 2023




Clint Bolster
Artistic Director
0421 524 401

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