BOOFF AND HIS BELLS @dionysusbne . Booff would like to say a HUGE heartfelt THANK YOU to the creative team and all the wonderful audience members who celebrated last night at Dionysus- and what a spontaneous standing ovation! . “Saw the first Dionysis show last night - congrats all, but especially the comic genius Clint Bolster with his skilled 'Boof and his Bells' clown routine -much genuine heartfelt laughter to be had” – Audience Member, Angel Kosch. ​. “A hilarious and exceptionally polished clowning routine by Clint Bolster called Booff and his Bells!”- Audience Member, Jason Glenwright. . “Clint Bolster in the guise of his beautiful clown character Booff was sheer magic. A baton, a few bells and audience participation had people rolling in laughter” –Audience Member, Barry Stone. . #clown #clowning #internationalclown #booff #dionysusbne #actor#actorslife #humble #comedy #joy #laughter #play #cowbells#happybirthday #standingovation

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