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CLINT BOLSTER is a Clown, Physical Actor, Mask Theatre Specialist, Stilt Performer & Trainer, and Teaching Artist from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. With over 20 years of experience committed to developing new works and training extensively, Clint regularly performs in Australia and internationally in the United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan. Clint's original performance works, HIGH TEA with BOOFF, BOLSTER & LEE-The Knock Em Downs and The Bubble Canteen, The Mask Family, Manoeuvre & Homunculus have gained significant popularity, with a highly active presence throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. These works have extensive annual programming in regional Australia, particularly in the community, cultural, and education sectors, and have amassed a live global audience in the millions.


He was recently accepted into the Cirque Du Soleil database of Clowns, was in the 2022/2023 Australian Tour of Slavas' Snow Show, is a proud Queensland Member and Mentor for The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance, and is a Board Member for Indel-Ability Arts. He has also performed 900 solo shows in Japanese at Universal Studios Japan Osaka. He has toured with Queensland Theatre, De-base Productions, Queensland Music Festival, Cluster Arts and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, to name a few. 

For a complete list of credits, visit CREDITS

MANOEUVRE is Queensland's elite non-verbal roving stilt performance company, providing acts for 32 years to School Fetes', Product Launches, Shopping Centres, Community Events, Festivals, Parades, Weddings, Nightclubs and Corporate Events to over 50 million audience members across 15 countries.

THE MASK FAMILY are a suite of full-face, non-verbal, accessible, inclusive and magical roving mask theatre acts that connect directly to your audience. They are a heartwarming exploration of the joy of human interaction and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness and authentic connection can transform a person's life. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive, and non-language dependent, this unique roving theatre transcends age, language, and culture barriers.

HOMUNCULUS THEATRE COMPANY has engaged, educated, and inspired student audiences throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years. The company provides diverse services, including Australian curriculum-aligned primary and secondary in-school workshops, performances, artist-in-residence programs, show-doctoring sessions, and teacher professional development opportunities. Additionally, Homunculus offers roving and street theatre performances and performance outcome projects tailored for school fetes/events and regional community initiatives. WE SPECIALIZE IN …a rich array of theatrical forms, including Commedia Dell'Arte, Physical Theatre/Comedy, Full-Face Non-Verbal Mask Theatre, Traditional & Contemporary Clowning, Non-verbal Communication & Mime, Slapstick & Stage Combat, Absurdism, Melodrama, Political Satire & Brecht, Shakespeare & Clowns In Shakespeare.

HIGH TEA with BOOFF is a work of installation clown theatre. The show tours with its venue – a richly detailed lounge room replete with custom-made furniture, bespoke chandeliers, shared stories, and piping hot tea. The work deploys autobiographical storytelling and narrative-driven clowning. The production is housed within an air-conditioned, custom-built 20ft shipping container that expands to create a 6m x 5m venue. The container is a high-cube style unit - with extra height than standard - that has been richly transformed down to the finest detail. Humbly boasting a 208 SOLD OUT Performance Season across 5 Festivals in 2021/2022 – during the COVID-19 pandemic – BOOFF has returned from his holiday off the beaches of Barbados and is looking forward to hearing audiences once again exclaiming to their friends – "I Just Got BOOFF'D!"


BOLSTER & LEE - The Knock' Em Downs is a comically interactive and visually engaging trip back in time to the side shows of old. Step inside the colourful tent and experience a crazy world of fun and games, where nostalgia has taken a curious twist, and the carnies have turned into clowns! Meet Krackers n' Jam, two fools out to fool you. With Krackers' n Jam, you can expect more than a tasty bite. Featuring a variety of sideshow games sure to test your skill, with big prizes to be won, this oddball encounter will have you wishing you'd brought along your granny.

THE BUBBLE CANTEEN is a realm of enchantment where a mesmerizing spectacle awaits! Delight in the magic as an incredible 12,000 bubbles burst into existence every minute. This captivating and interactive installation promises to transport you to a world of wonder and whimsy, capturing the imaginations of both the young and the young at heart. Get ready to immerse yourself in an experience where joy bubbles over at every turn!


  • Arts Queensland – Individual Professional Development Grant for Maneouvre Roving Stilt Performers Australia - UK Project – (2012).

  • Arts Queensland – Individual Professional Development Grant for Clint Bolster – 3 Month Artist In Residence with Vamos Theatre UK – (2017).

  • Arts Queensland – The Showcase Program – The Mask Family Roving Acts – (2017).

  • Arts Queensland – The Showcase Program – BOOFF The Last Laugh - (2019).

  • Arts Queensland – Individual Professional Development Grant for Clint Bolster – Russia & Italy Mask Theatre Training - (2020/2021).

  • The Australian Council For The Arts - Individual Professional Development Grant for Clint Bolster - Russia & Italy Mask Theatre Training - (2020/2021).

  • Arts Queensland - QASP - THe Showcase Program - The Lost Balloon - (2020).

  • Arts Queensland - QASP -The Showcase Program - HIGH TEA with BOOFF - (2020).

  • Arts Queensland - Playing Queensland Quick Response - HIGH TEA with BOOFF on TOUR - (2021).

  • Arts Queensland - Playing Queensland Fund - Resilience Training Though Laughter - Workshops and Artist in Residence Programs with Clint Bolster - (2022)

  • Arts Queensland - QASP -The Showcase Program - BOLSTER & LEE The Knock Em Downs - (2022).

  • Redlands City Council - Regional Arts Development Fund - Resilience Training Through Laughter Workshops - (2024).

  • Brisbane City Council - Creative Sparks Grant Program - AN AUDIENCE with BOOFF - (2024)

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"In an age where clowns reveal our hidden self, Clint Bolster's clown is both sharp and insightful, yet aware of the provocations designed to unlock insights. His clown/s invite us to unite as we focus on the particular, the unusual, and the rare. A great performer, teacher and human, Clint brings all of himself and leaves us with a unique insight about ourselves after seeing the world through the tears and the fears of a clown, which always provokes laughter from places rarely observed in our daily life. BOOFF, like Clint's other clowns, is a masterwork that will leave you feeling uncomfortably settled. In a world of clowns where leadership is no barrier to success, it is good to see the clown within ourselves and invite them into our midst so that we may learn their masterfully mischievous mannerisms. (PS: Clowns learn by observing us.)." 
 Paul Bishop (AUS)



"If you don't have children, find some and take them or simply take yourself – you'll love it!"– Broadway Baby, Edinburgh, "… the audience, children and parents alike, are in constant fits of laughter. At the end of the show, I heard one child ask, 'Can we watch it again?'" 
Informed Edinburgh, (UK)


"…a friendly version of Jack Nicholson as the Joker leading the way, we laugh, gasp, clap and gape!"
 Last Minute Live (AUS)

"BOOFF is an absolute dream to work with. Watching BOOFF entertain the full house last night made me (the producer) very proud. Every audience member I spoke to after the show told me how much they enjoyed his bell routine. BOOFF can read a crowd and make them feel better when he's done with them. I guess the standing ovation speaks for itself...." 
Tom Olive- Producer The Dionysus Cabaret (AUS)

"A hilarious and world-class clowning routine by Clint Bolster called BOOFF & HIS BELLS!"
Jason Glenwright, Multi-Award Winning Lighting Designer (AUS)


"As I write my reflection, I am sipping upon a gifted tea as I left the parlour; "A Ceremonial Sample of Finest Loose Leaf tea." And so I am left with an impression of consummate finesse. Every detail is complete, and every element is perfectly manifest. HIGH TEA with BOOFF should be the most coveted invitation of any budding socialites dance card."
Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane (AUS)

"Clint Bolster's detailed and beguiling performance is sublimely breathtaking."
Ian Billings, Award-Winning Comedian & Author (UK)


"Clint Bolster, in the guise of his beautiful clown character BOOFF was sheer magic. A baton, a few bells and audience participation had people rolling in laughter."
Barry Stone - Australian Arts Advocate (AUS)

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