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Clint is an experienced and well-traveled teacher artist of 20 years with a rich history of engagement in various theater and performing arts programs and institutions across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. His work spans diverse age groups and organizations, showcasing his versatility and dedication to the arts. Here's a summary of some of the notable companies and institutions he has been associated with:

  1. Homunculus Theatre Company (Australia)

  2. Manoeuvre Stilt Performers (Australia)

  3. The Mask Family (Australia)

  4. Indelability Arts (Australia)

  5. The Redlands City Council (Australia)

  6. 500+ Primary & Secondary Schools (Australia)

  7. The Clown Doctors of Australia (Australia)

  8. The Starlight Foundation (Australia)

  9. Shakespeare4All (Hong Kong)

  10. Faust Theatre Company (Hong Kong)

  11. Vamos Theatre Company (United Kingdom)

  12. Queensland Theatre Company (Australia)

  13. LaBoite Theatre Company (Australia)

  14. Australian Catholic University (Australia)

  15. University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

  16. Queensland University of Technology (Australia)

  17. Pontio University, Wales (United Kingdom)

  18. Griffith University (Australia)

  19. The Queensland Conservatorium Of Music (Australia)

  20. The University of Tasmania (Australia)

  21. The Aboriginal Centre for Performing Arts (Australia)

  22. Drama Queensland (Australia)

  23. Drama New South Wales (Australia)

  24. Drama Victoria (Australia)

  25. Drama Tasmania (Australia)

  26. Drama Australia (Australia)

  27. Drama New Zealand (Australia)

  28. Queensland Music Festival (Australia)

  29. Backbone Youth Arts (Australia)

  30. Nexus Arts Victoria (Australia)

  31. IZIT Entertainment (Australia)

  32. Wild Applause (Australia)

  33. The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (Australia)


Clint's extensive involvement with these companies, institutions, and schools demonstrates his commitment to nurturing artistic talent and fostering creativity among various audiences, from young people and university students to adults and elders. His contributions to the world of performing arts have significantly impacted different regions and communities.


"It gives me great pleasure to recommend Clint Bolster to you. I have known Clint for 14 years and observed his work as a professional practitioner and a tutor at QUT. As a practitioner, Clint is one of the most versatile, gifted and skilled performers in Commedia, Clown, Mask and Physical Comedy. His experience working and training overseas has much to do with this. Clint's expertise is at a very high level, and from the first time I saw him perform and witnessed how professional his outlook was, I encouraged him to seek overseas experience. Through his theatre company Homunculus, Clint has invigorated the Australian Theatre Community with his unique brand of comedy. Clint has been tutoring in my Performing Skills Unit at QUT for the past six years, and the students have found him to be one of the best tutors they have ever experienced. This is attested in his high-ranked teaching evaluations and written comments. He is a highly dedicated and professional teacher who brings industry knowledge to the students. Not all practitioners can teach: Clint is an exception to this rule! "
★★★★★--Caroline Heim, QUT Performance Skills Co-Coordinator, QLD

"It is a delight to watch Clint work with students, and the artful way he has of drawing them out of their comfort zones to have fun and learn much about the characters, and themselves is extraordinary. The genuine love of his art form, manner, depth of knowledge and experience is evident and provides the surety and confidence teachers need when organising guest artists. I have had the privilege of watching Clint work with adults and high school students in different workshop settings, and with the expertise, care and respect; he shows them all, he is consistently excellent. I have no hesitation in recommending Clint and Homunculus to anyone looking for this expertise."
★★★★★ --Sue Pearn, Drama Teacher, All Hallows, QLD


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