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"The performers are amazing. We have had them for the past eight years and will continue to do so. We love having them! Highly professional and interactive, fully engaging and incredibly unique. We would recommend them for any function!"

Nundah Street Festival, QLD

Under those demure veiled faces lies Lip Service's mischievous sense of humour. These girls are not just a pretty sight. There is a cheekiness in Lip Service's costuming, movement and style and their audience encounters. This interactive act encourages audiences to reach deep into the mouth of their proffered handbag, pull out a card and read their "Thought for the day!" that is theirs to keep! Our vibrant, colourful, wacky and fancy costumed performers have a walkabout act that brings smiles and joy to audiences worldwide. Fabulous at festivals, roving amongst the crowd at over 2.5m, completely classy as they mingle at a conference or perfectly placed at any dinner or gala ball, Lip Service has got it all.


Lip Service engages crowds, ensuring everyone is having fun! These roaming characters provide high-quality interactive entertainment that keeps audiences fixated in playful games as they wander through your event areas high above your audience. Lip Service's interactive entertainment is eccentric, colourful, and fun, guaranteeing your guests a great time. 























COVID-19 plan approved with performers providing a 2.5m distance between them and attendees 
Exuberant stilt walkers provide mischievous and fun interactive entertainment.

The cheeky costumed performers' walkabout act engages with all audience types.

Professional performers whom each have over 15 years of experience

Fabulous, versatile interactive entertainment for indoor or outdoor, corporate or family-friendly events

Based in Brisbane and available internationally.



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