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"A phenomenal act! Brilliant - a visual feast for the senses! Mesmerising!"
The 2018 Commonwealth Games


An out-of-this-world character is in striking block red, over two and a half metres tall. Red Ribbon performs an extraordinary dance of fast-paced ribbon twirling. Manoeuvre beautifully demonstrates the grace and flow of twirling ribbons with vibrant energy and eye-capturing brilliance. Red Ribbon's impact as a visual spectacle captures the attention of your significant outdoor event and parades, combining the art of ribbon and stilt performance.

Whatever your event or celebration, grab the audience's attention and tantalise their imagination with our fantastic ribbon twirlers on stilts. Their walkabout act is entrancing and majestic. 



COVID-19 plan approved with performers providing a 2.5m distance between them and attendees 

Extraordinary stilt walkers provide spectacular visual entertainment.

With fast-paced ribbon twirling, this walkabout act will captivate your audience.

The unique roaming character will engage and have fun with all audience types.

Extremely eye-catching visual entertainment for significant outdoor events, parades and family-friendly occasions.

We are based in Brisbane and available internationally.


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